The Australian Antarctic automatic weather station dataset

How to run argos_main using X-win or X-terms

There is a problem using the program argos_main on anything other than 8-bit terminals because it calls a library called the Simple Raster Graphics Package (SRGP). argos_main is the main calibration workhorse of the processing raw satellite data to usable numbers, and using it on an X-term or X-win that is not 8-bit can be done with a few simple resets. As computing advances, this option may not remain for much longer, but for the present it works. Follow the steps below to get argos_main on a Microsoft Windows machine, or on an X-term. Sun screens can also be quickly converted to 8-bit but require the help of System Administration.

Using X-win

Go to the program "X-config" through the windows "Program" menu (it may be under "X-win"). Click on the colour tab, and then click "Psuedocolour". Then open X-win and run ./argos_main from the directory /v/argos/src on the Glaciology machine.

On NC900 X-terms

Hold down "shift" and "pause" keys at the same time. A launcher will pop up. Choose "setup" on the launcher and then "Configuration summaries" at the top of the setup page. This gives you a menu. Choose "X environment". Ok, now set these following options:

Enable Access Control: No
Retain X Settings: Yes
Backing Store: Enabled
Default Root Visual: PsuedoColor
Root Depth: 8
Host Connect Method: HostMenu
Default Host List: XDMCP

Now hit "Return to Main Menu". A the bottom of the main menu, hit "Save Settings to NVRAM" and then "Reset Server". Once it has been reset, you should log in and go to /v/argos/src/ and run ./argos_main.